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Distillation Column / Stripper Column

Distillation Column / Stripper Column

Fractional distillation is a distillation technique used when one requires separation of several compounds which have close melting points. A common sited example is a benzene / toluene mixture where the melting point of the first is 80C while the other is 110C. One would expect simple distillation to do the trick of separating those two compounds however a mixture is obtained. A fractionating column is placed between the flask and the distilling head. This column / Stripper Column is packed with an appropriate material (some use stainless steel). This results in the increase of the number of theoretical plates. Many varporization-condensations cycles occuras the mixture moves up the column. Progressively, the composition of the mixture becomes enriched in the lower boiling compound. Near the top of the column, only the lower boiling point compound will appear and can be collected.

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