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Wire Mesh Demister Pad / Coalescer / Mesh Pad

Mash Pad Type Demister Pad

Demister Pads / Coalescer / Mesh Pad are porous blankets of wire or plastic knitted mesh, designed and constructed for efficient and economical removal of entrained liquid droplets from vapour streams. The pads can be fabricated in any desired size and shape. Normally demister pad is installed in such a way that vapour flow is upward. When vapour and entrained liquid droplets pass through a demister pad, the vapour passes easily but liquid droplets, due to their greater inertia, cannot make the necessary sharp turns and are thrown into contact with the wire surfaces and briefly held there.

As more droplets enter the pad and collect on the wires, they grow in size, run down the wire to the bottom surface of the mesh seperator and fall from the unit. Over head vapour is now free of entrained liquid.

Demister pad / Coalescer / Mesh Pad prevent loss of valuable product and produces high quality condensate suitable for use a boiler’s feed water. The applications are in the refinery vacuum towers, evaporators, refinery lube towers, steam drums, absorbers, scrubbers, seperator vessel and knock out drums.

The allowable velocity depends on liquid density, surface tension, droplet size and quantity of entrainment. The pressure drop is negligible and the efficiency is high depending on vapour and liquid loading.

The Demisting Process :

The operating principle behind the mist eliminator is simple. As the wet vapour stream rises through layers of contracting surfaces within the knitted and crimped wire matrix, entrained as they continuously impact each surface. The gas within the vapour stream continues to rise as the heavier liquids separate, attach and coalese into droplets within a mesh. as the droplets grow, so does their weight until they fall to the bottom of the vessel due to gravity. Liquid accumulations can then be drained out of the bottom as, the gas is routed through the top of the Vessel.

Typical Applications

Materials of Construction

Mash Pad Type Demister Pad India
Mash Pad Type Demister Pads
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Demister Pads
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Mash Pad Type Demister Pad Paking
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